Because I love you means Falling and she's afraid

You have a question? I might have an answer   Submit away ((=   Oh hey lovelies! Welcome to my selfies and personal. I hope the mess I live in iterests you. A smidge about me, um I'm a 20 year old university student. I'm single, I identify as straight but some girls are mighty cute. I'm very open minded, and I hope you have a lovely day. I have "afraidtofalltoofar" so I can keep the spam low on Yellow-happy (my reblog blog). You lovelies can talk to me anytime, and
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Well just fucking kidding.

Okay rant time.

Don’t tell me you want to talk on skype and give me butterflies in texting and make me excited to chit chat with you again and then fucking ignore me and barely hold any conversation and then just say I gotta got.  Fuck you asshole

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Skype date (((=

I feel super lucky in all this mess, I’ve got to have a skype date with a lovely yesterday and then tonight I get a skype date with one of my best lovelies/friends (((= maybe it’ll cheer me up 

— 4 days ago
Selfies soon

Sorry for the selfie absence guys life is one big ball of stress and stress and busy and stress and sads and depressed and emotions everywhere and more stress. I’ll try and get some new selfies up within a week okay?

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cuddle up next to me?

Goodness, tonight I really just want someone to lay next tonight as I drift off to sleep.  To be wrapped in someones arms and hear their breath.  Their heart playing me a lullaby with each beat.  

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Can I just be a burrito instead?

Summer is nearly over and that means stress stress stress stress stress.  I have to go pay tuition by the 5th of next month, work out a payment plan for the amount that I don’t have upfront.  I’m working full time, have to get school supplies, buy my books, clean my room, workout because I’m not healthy and I’m tired of not being unhealthy, and stress even more.  

— 1 week ago
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I find it comical when women think I care about

If one titty is slightly bigger than the other
Fat areas
Bumps or discoloration
Morning breath
Human flaws

If I have you naked in front of me and I am naked too, the only thing on my mind is where am I putting my mouth first

This turned me on

I need to like add this permanently to my blog, shit is too relevant

i love this

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lovelies, leave me something special to come back to.  I want to hear from all of you.  
Pretty pretty please?

lovelies, leave me something special to come back to.  I want to hear from all of you.  

Pretty pretty please?

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